A Gentle Approach To Evolving Your Git Skills

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I started using Git several years ago. The sophisticated way in which Git swaps files back and forth “under the hood” (inside the mysterious .git folder) when changing branches still amazes me to this day. In my first job years ago, none of my colleagues used any formal version control systems. Every day, I would make a "just-in-case" backup of my code that was in a good working state before making further changes. …

Lessons Learned While Working From Home On Embedded Software

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When the pandemic hit, I scrambled to determine a way to work from home with my embedded system. The system was portable. I squeezed everything I needed into a large box. I already had extra monitors and other accessories in my home office. Hence working from home was viable.

Developing embedded software is a cycle of building the code, flashing the binary into the embedded target hardware, and testing it. And repeating this cycle until the team has all the features developed and bugs fixed.

Here are some valuable lessons I learned during this process.

Document The Developer Setup

Each developer will need to…

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